Send us your worn out or broken equipment and allow us to refurbish it back to almost new condition.

Dismantle and Inspect:

  • Your equipment will be fully dismantled, cleaned and inspected.
  • We will advise you on all the necessary repairs needed to bring the unit back to spec.
  • We work with all of our customers to keep the repair costs as low as possible. We will only fix what you need fixed.


  • After price approval we make all the agreed upon repairs.
  • We will make any necessary modifications before assembly.
  • From undercutting, welding & re-machining parts to furnishing new replacement parts, we can handle whatever you need


  • After all the repairs are made we will reassemble your equipment back to your required specs.
  • We will paint, tag and/or stencil your requirements
  • We will run grease lines for you to save on valuable field time.

We can handle a large range of repairs or assemblies. Please give us a call at 724-727-3461 and have one of our representatives stop at your facility to review what you need.